Will Gunn S&M Bike Check

Will Gunn is a lifetime repper of Back Bone & we are proud & honoured to have him a part of the Back Bone family! Will got picked up on S&M & there is no one better suited. Will is a badass & has stamped his name on so many spots across Australia, stuff of legends.

You’ll see Will tearing it up next month for ACT Jam 2015, but for now, check out his raw S&M Credence MOD with all the best from the Shield above.

Huge 360 is an understatement – Will’s ad in 2020 Magazine V43.

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Back Bone Birthdays

Yep, it’s been a big week of birthdays here at the store; we had Brendan’s on Sunday & Rhysty’s was today. Hit em up with a high five if you see them!

Rhysty heading down the middle earth. Photo: Brendan Boeck

A rained out move from a while back for B-Dog Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

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3 photos of Rusty Hessian

Turned in, leaned over & giving the lip a groove. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Russ Brindley was killing it at the trails the other day, fresh from a New Jersery winter, he settled right back in. Russ has wrapped up filmed for his section in the video before he went overseas, so he’s putting his favourite Vans covered feet up & relaxing, filming wise, until the premiere & ACT Jam 2015 gets under way.

Get an inkling of what Russ is all about with these three photos right here.

It's all about the front wheel lower than the back, kids. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Sty Guylie lookback. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

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ACT JAM 2015 – Update!

All the details for ACT JAM 2015 are right here, make sure you click & start reading!

An exciting day to reveal the rundown & spots of the ACT Jam 2015. No doubt you’ve already clicked the flyer, but here’s a little more on how the jam will run:

- ACT Jam is rider voted
- There will be a 15 & under division as well as a 16+ division.
- Best trick & best rider awarded for each park based on votes.
- A ‘King of the ACT’ will be crowned, who is the rider with the most best rider votes in total for all four stops.
- Only riders participating in the jam will be allowed to vote for other riders. This will give the most accurate votes.
- While the jam will run for as long as riders wish to ride, we will also be holding the judged riding within a ‘power hour’. This also allows riders to remember what happened a little easier, as well as the riding will be off the hook for this hour!
- Every rider must have current Freestyle BMX membership to participate in the judged part of the jam & will need to be checked off with a wristband. This allows the jam to be free to enter.
– New memberships & renewals of existing ones can be done here:http://www.bmxaustralia.com.au/en-au/membership/onlinemembership.aspx
Memberships must be completed online prior to the jam

Saturday 6.6 (12pm onwards) – Woden with judged ‘power hour’ 1pm – 2pm
Saturday 6.6 (6pm onwards) – Weston with judged ‘power hour’ 7pm – 8pm
Sunday 7.6 (10.30 onwards) – Belconnen with judged ‘power hour’ 11.30am – 12.30pm
Sunday 7.6 (4pm onwards) – Back Bone with judged ‘power hour’ 4.30pm – 5.30pm
Sunday 7.6 (6.30pm) – Rider votes counted
Sunday 7.6 (7pm) – Winners announced
Sunday 7.6 (7.30pm) – Back Bone video premiere

The after party is going to be off the hook this year, it will be at our upcoming location WestSide Acton Park, we’ll be premiering our video & there will be a huge portion of the Australian BMX scene in attendance, so come & hang out for that too.

But make sure you get to this ACT Jam, it’s going to be off it’s head!

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HVT Jam 2015

Last month I was lucky enough to fly across to WA with my QLD brethren & United team mate Jack Birtles to catch some air, hang out & catch up with my WA brethren from HVT & beyond. I said some words about how sick the jam is in the video above, so I won’t write it again for you here, but I will reiterate just how awesome the HVT crew is. Seb, Josh, Glen & all the other locals, thanks for making one hell of a memory, for me & I’m sure everyone else that was at the jam.

Here’s some photos I took from the week that was WA.
- Tyson

The WA High Five Trio, Josh, Seb & Glen.

Josh Cernotta, mistimed shot, but no less stylish toboggan.

Ross Dummett, in the deep at Victoria Park.

Jacky boy Birtles is always frothin’. #emuexport

Seb tears it up, all day, every day.

Some of the crew on the roll in.

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