D.A.N.E Jam 2016 Video

It’s been five years. Losing someone is a horrible feeling, it straight up sucks. Dane Searls was a legend BMXer, a friend, a brother, a son and it was devastating to have lost him in late November, 2011. While Dane Searls as a living human has passed, his legacy is far from lost. He lives on in peoples memories, as well as with the smiles on peoples faces that come to the Dirt And Nothing Else jam. Every year it blows our minds to see more and more people arrive to the jam. Everyone is there to have a good time, most not even to ride, just to simply enjoy being together to hang out and share memories of Dane. So many positive vibes! We’re psyched on this year’s video, made by the one and only James Fox. Jimmy killed it on capturing the vibe, and the riding – even though it was a little windy.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to enjoy the day!

Until next year.

Harti tore up the Earth. Lookback. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

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Benn Pigot has just left for spain with his mate Trent Rowsell, but before he left he dropped a BANGER of a video for FITBIKECO with John Young. This video is straight up inspiring, powerful, it’s not a stretch to even say it moved me. The song, the editing and of course the riding will have you wanting to ride, and if you’re not a BMXer, you’ll want to be. Hell yeah, Benn and John!

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Tyson’s DIG x United web video

Tyson got to trip around with his United team mate Jack Birtles to some wicked fun spots over the last couple of years, HVT trails in WA and the legendary Nimbin bowl in northern NSW. Jack edited the footage together and the result is the vid you see above, all set to the Drunk Mums, an Aussie punk band. Hell yeah!

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Jonny Mack & Dylan Lewis at Snakewoods

This video is the 2016 equivalent of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Jonny & Dylan proving to the world that ain’t no better feeling than riding BMX with your mates. They seriously tear the absolute gnar out of the trails, but you get a good sense of what trails – and BMX – is all about in this stellar vid from none other than James Fox. Big shoutouts to the HSD crew and in particular Dale Watson, who has been killing it building trails for a long time.

Good work boys!

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Tay Tay’s Jam Video and Photos

It was a hell of a time when the jam over at the ‘Tay Tay’s’ hip happened. There was a massive turnout, one of the biggest at any jam for a while – so thanks to those who came to enjoy the hip and the sun. We got some photos and a few clips, so why not put it all together.

Can’t wait until the next jam.

Will Bolitho

Zac Nissen

Tyson Jones-Peni

The roll in.

Mike Ross

Kris McCreath

Jake Lane

Jack Inczedi

Dylan Low


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