Our online shop is busted…

The shop, November 18, 2014

Man – who would’ve thought we’d be in an age when one website goes down it throws your whole world into disarray, but we are. Our online store has been down due to a server issue for a little over a week & we apologize heavily to those who are looking to get their hands on all the latest in BMX bikes & parts.

But all is not lost! We are still a physical shop with all the kickass stuff available. You can still call (AUS) 02 62885186 to speak to a real BMXer to place a phone order. Or you can e-mail info@backbonebmx.com.au to talk to us.

Until then, make sure you’re following our social media accounts for all the latest product updates:

Facebook @BackBoneBMX

IG: @backbonebmx

Lastly, most of our bikes are available to view on our backbonebmx.bikeit site via Bike Exchange.

And be sure you check out the video we made explaining how easy it is to build a bike from a box that is shipped from us.

Thanks for holding out.

- The crew @ Back Bone BMX

The shop, almost 10 years ago

The shop, winter 2009

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D.A.N.E. Jam 2014 – This weekend

We cannot believe that it has been almost three years since Dane has passed. This jam is for Dane, a chance for riders to get together & remember what he was all about. Hope you can make it this weekend.

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Jack Gruber | Odyssey

The dude… Photo: Brendan Boeck

Jack Gruber got put on the Odyssey Australian team at the start of September & rightly so.. Jack just turned 18, kills it on a bike & has a real good head on his shoulders. The type of dude you could have no problem hanging out with, whether it’s on a riding trip or just on the weekend with no riding involved. It’s pretty unbelievable to think, I sold him his first BMX bike. And now he is the dude I ask for trick tips.

Take a gander at these epic shots by Brendan Boeck of the dude. Jack Gruber on Odyssey, very well deserved.

- Tyson

Can can hop drop-in to the steep & narrow. Photo: Brendan Boeck

The big bar drop. Photo: Brendan Boeck

Ledge ride to oppo 3. Photo: Brendan Boeck

Big wheelchair hop! Photo: Brendan Boeck

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Welcome Back To Jefferson State

It’s been hailed by dudes as the best video since Building the Underground – it’s a bloody good one that’s for sure. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on the DVD when we had it in stock then you will no doubt have already watched it a bunch of times, but the POWs boys have just uploaded all the sections to the video online. If you haven’t watched this one yet, then we suggest you take the time now!

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The Kerr Trail Bros.

Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

It is an effort to build & maintain your own set of trails, there is no question about it. The past week, most of NSW has been hit with some seriously bad storms & that means a lot of headaches & heartache for a lot of trail builders. The Kerr brothers know this feeling all too well. They have built their spot out in Young, NSW for the past 6+ years & have had to deal with all of the ups & downs to go along with it.

Will & Chris continue to see things through, even through injury, being out in a country town, riders moving away, harsh weather… even so, the Kerr’s would be right there to argue that the feeling of riding what you built trumps it all… It’s a theme that should never be forgotten in BMX, to build something that you get to ride, to reap what you sow.

It’s Friday afternoon & there is damp dirt to be dug all weekend. Break new ground.

- Tyson

Chris Kerr, whipped. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

The senior Kerr, Will, ripping a table. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

The Young stirs. Chris & Will Kerr. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Side saddle & dipped. Chris Kerr, toboggan. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

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