Will Gunn the Orange Eater

Will & da boiyz! Goofin on a ridiculous over pedal on a sub rail. Brendan Boeck photo

Back Bone heavy hitter from Orange N.S.W Will Gunn moved back to his home town last year and has been missed by the crew ever since his return home. Over the weekend just past, B-Dog headed out to Orange to catch up with Will and film some clips he has wanted to film in his home town for the upcoming Back Bone DVD. With not much more than 24hours in his home town, they both shot a solid number of clips and photos, were kicked out of the same school 3 times, had some rowdy times with Orange locals including a 2am jam session and also got some shovel time in too.
Just goes to show what Gunny is made of.
Like all good friends that live at a distance to our home town Canberra, it’ll be too long before sessions, so in the meantime, enjoy some of what went down on that glorious sun filled spring weekend in mid September.

Hell yeah Will Gunn!

Boosted. Lookback at Milthorpe. Brendan Boeck photo.

Will ripping his local. Orange one foot table. Brendan Boeck photo.

Will Gunn on a Milthorpe sunset. Photo Brendan Boeck.

Brendan Boeck photo.

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QLD is the sunshine state

The crew at Elanora. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

It was a winter escape last weekend, Rhysty & I got to head up to QLD to visit a couple of our brands’ headquarters, as well as to watch the Divsion video premiere with head honcho Clint Millar. We must’ve covered some serious kilometres, cause on top of riding Clint’s backyard ramp, we also got a chance to session with the dedicated crew up at Snakewoods, as well as head to the Gold Coast to ride some of the big parks on offer down there.. I was also lucky enough to get across to Nimbin for chance to ride the epic bowl/snakerun.

Big thanks goes out to everyone we hung out with, extra special thanks to the crew at BMX International, Clint Millar at Colony, Cooper Brownlee, the Snakewoods crew, Scott Irvine, Toby Forte & Jack Birtles.

Watching Clint ride his ramp is unforgettable. Awesome. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Do not fall off the edge of this one.. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Cooper Brownlee shreds all terrain! Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Dale & Tyler, Snakewoods gatekeepers. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Rhysty laying it over at Snakewoods. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

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Vintage HUSH video

We’ve had this little gem on the computer for a while & have never done anything with it, it’s always just been a little video we’d watch from time to time as years have passed. HUSH is well & truly gone, in fact several spots since then too, but this video is just one small portion of what went down in the that sacred little area of bush in the A.C.T.

Hope you enjoy, R.I.P.

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Chris Harti = Slayer

Like we said yesterday, Chris Harti & Raine Turnbull went all in on this sick web video. Not very often could you watch a video where it’s at the spot that both filmer/editor & rider built.
Press play, full screen & turn it up!

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Holy Fit Premiere

Holy Fit! Photo: Melissa Bareis

The Holy Fit premiere went down on Saturday night as a part of the worldwide premiere. Believe it or not, Australia actually got to premiere it before anywhere else because of the timezone difference, pretty cool. Anyhow, a whole bunch of crew showed up to support the fact that physical BMX videos do still have a place; so thanks to everyone who showed up. We were treated to an extra premiere on the night too – Chris Harti’s latest all-trails video. Raine Turnbull worked on the video right up until the second he hopped in his car to drive to the premiere but it was well worth it. Can’t wait until that thing is online for everyone to see.

The Fit video itself was awesome, a few relatively new names really laid it on the line for their sections, ‘big names’ like Tommy Dugan & Shawn Macintosh ripped it to pieces, plus the legends like Inman & BF shredded & put out incredible sections. Not to mention Van Homan, who may have just put out his best part ever. Seriously so many insane moves, it’s hard to believe he is able to continue pushing himself to put out great section after great section like he has.
An incredible video!

Holy Fit
will be available for sale in the first week of September, so make sure you get on when it comes out, with a 200 page book that documents Fit’s journey into Holy Fit.

Chris Harti's video was off it's head! Photo: Melissa Bareis

Some of the watcher-ons. Photo: Melissa Bareis

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