Benn Pigot, master blaster

Benn, boom! Ari Cruz photo

Benn Pigot is a full blown badass, no doubt. Even though we don’t get to see him in person as much as we’d like, he is always putting in work, killing it all over Sydney area & of course Five Dock bowl. If you’re not following Benn on instagram right now, I suggest you do so @bennpigot – almost daily photos of him blasting higher than anyone else, all while filming for the upcoming Back Bone DVD..

Here’s some words from Benn himself. Thanks to Ari Cruz for the killer photos!

‘The last few months I’ve been riding so many bowls and loving it because of Trent Rowsell. Just applied and got a place I’m moving into that’s close to Five Dock, so heaps more riding and filming to be done. Also my back chucked in the towel the other day, but thanks to good eating and heaps of walking I’m all good to ride tomorrow! Psyched my health is a lot better. So overall, got a place close to the dock, mega psyched on bowls and vert, healthy, happy with a rad chick, and life couldn’t be better.’

Benn, way whipped on a 10ft quarter. Ari Cruz photo

Benn’s last web vid for the tattoo store Tora Sumi. Vid by John Young

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Back Bone bringing you the weather

Tyson & a couple of youngins from Canberra BMX Club. Photo Brendan Boeck

So last Sunday we got to ride on national TV for the morning show Sunrise. The plan was to hit the FACT box jump in front of the cameras but a week of rain left all the ramps real wet & despite our best towel drying efforts, they were all unride-able except the landing. The bad weather continued & we pretty much had misty rain the whole time, but we all made do & ended up having a real fun session that started at 7am & went until 9am. The whole segment was about the Tour de Cure, which is a big fundraising road ride for charity. It was pretty cool to be able to be there in promoting BMX while all that was going on.

Check the coverage here, as well as some cool photos from Brendan Boeck above & below.

Jack Gruber, barspin fakie. Brendan Boeck photo

Tyson grizzin out. Brendan Boeck photo

Rhysty fastplant. Brendan Boeck photo

Mikey Ross banging a turndown out of the mellow ramp! Brendan Boeck photo

Rusty, x-up fakie. Brendan Boeck photo

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#FlashbackFriday: Rhysty & The Boneyard

Rhysty ripping the berm in suburbia. Tyson JP photo

Once upon a time, Canberra was going through a real dry spell with trails. Spots that we started never worked out (got dozed) & potential spots are hard to come by in Canberra! For Rhysty, it was too much to bear.. So he took to his very own backyard. Even though he was dealing with a limited space & the busy home life that came with having two (now three) young kids, Rhysty created one hell of a spot. A roll in on top of the shed, jumps right next to the house & a use of the backyard that allowed for reasonably sized sets & a fun return line that took you pretty much back to the start.

It’s been a few years since Rhysty tore these jumps down to make room for a prettier family backyard & thanks to the fact that we were able to start our spot Hillfire, he is busier than ever building & riding trails.

So when I came across these unused gems Brendan Boeck & I shot from sometime in 2011-12 & it was a great reminder that if you’re dedicated enough, building a spot anywhere has vast rewards. We were able to ride trails again & it re-ignited the trail scene in Canberra, at least in my eyes. Hell yeah.

- Tyson

Rhysty – solo ride x-up past the chook shed. Tyson JP photo

End of the session. Rusty up front, Rhysty at the gate. Brendan Boeck photo.

Two videos featuring the Boneyard!

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Russell Brindley Bike Check

Doing simple things well is hard to come by in this day & age, especially in BMX. There are a few people out there making BMX look good & one of those people is Russell Brindley. Rusty kicks ass at making simple tricks look dang nice & hard tricks look really good too! The way he does it? Years of experience, & aboard a damn good bike. The T-1 Barcodes were just released & Russell got a fresh one in gloss black. Built up around black parts, a polished wheelset & of course, that army green canvas ‘table saver’ pad – this bike is as stylish as Russell is.

Thanks to Brendan Boeck for the dope photos!

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Shadow Conspiracy K.I.L. OZ Tour Announced!

Some of the Shadow Conspiracy team will be touring the country & stopping by Back Bone on April 16 – make sure you are in store to say g’day & watch them shred the ramps!

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