Colony 2015 Tour – Have Fun Ride Bikes!


The Colony crew are making the rounds through the east coast of Australia next week & they are planning on making a stop in to the store to see g’day to all of the Colony fans & Back Bone customers, as well as ride the ramps. If you’ve ever seen the likes of the Colony team ride via the numerous web videos online, you know that you’re in for a treat.

Make sure you get to the shop next Thursday 15th January at 12pm to be a part of it, the guys will be giving away a whole bunch of stuff at the same time!

Here’s a little taste of the Colony crew, including our brother Zac Miner, throwing down:

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Christmas trading

It’s coming up on 2 weeks until Christmas, so if you haven’t got your presents locked in yet you’ve still got time! We’ll be sending online orders out daily up until Christmas Eve & if you’re unsure of what’s in stock or if you have any questions, you can always order over the phone: (AUS) 02 6288 5186.

Our Christmas trading hours are:

Saturday 20.12 | 10am – 4.30pm
Sunday 21.12 | CLOSED
Monday 22.12 | 11am – 6pm
Tuesday 23.12 | 11am – 6pm
Wednesday (Christmas Eve) 24.12 | 9am – 12pm

25.12.14 – 4.1.15 | CLOSED

Monday 5.1.15 | Resume normal trading hours

We also have some pretty funny Christmas cards that we got made to give out with purchases! As a bonus, inside the card you’re getting a code that gives you $20 off in January for purchases over $100.

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D.A.N.E. Memorial Jam edit 2014

Good mate & all round Australian BMX guru Mr Scotty Greentree filmed & edited the 3rd Annual D.A.N.E memorial jam we held for team rider & friend Dane Searls on the 22/11/2014.

It is a fair bit of stress for any “trail builder” to open their spot up to allow anyone to just come and ride for the day, particularly since most wouldn’t even know which end of the shovel to start at. So much work goes into building & maintaining a set of trails each & everyday through belting sun, rain, wind, hail or just plain freezing conditions the show goes on. Like most trail scenes we have a very small but highly dedicated crew of builders. We open the Trails this one day of the year to others to come & celebrate the life of Dane and enjoy the terrain he lived for -Trails.

I don’t even know if Dane liked Canberra? I do know our trails are nowhere near the level Dane has set for the rest of the world, but regardless this is the best thing we can do to commemorate Dane’s life. Dane Searls was a one of a kind bad ass on a BMX & I doubt many if anyone would want to be attempting the beast size jumps he created & conquered. Still, we work tirelessly on the trails we have all year long with the goal of having them at their peek for the Dirt And Nothing Else Jam, to try & represent Dane the very best we can.

We hope by inviting everyone to our trails others will get inspired to pick up a shovel & build their own spot or if you live in Canberra to come get involved in the scene we are building from the ground up. Dane never waited for someone to come along & build his dream jumps or any jump for that matter, trails just don’t work like that.

This may sound weird but I know Dane is present at the jams in one form or another. Where our spot lies, out in the open it is subject to wind a lot of the time. But despite the forecasts calling for heavy wind’s 3 years running we were able to run the jam for a third year with no problem from the wind at all. Unless you are a local you probably won’t understand how incredible that actually is.

I would like to thank Dane for his intervention on the weather front & for driving me to continually to get out of bed early to keep & get the trails in as top condition as I can manage. Same goes to Tyson & Russ, mention to Chris Harti for his efforts through the year as well as newcomers B-dog, Tommo n Josh & even newer digger Tez for pushing hard to make the trails what they are.

For all the fellow diggers from other spots around Oz n Pittsburgh & everyone else that showed up to celebrate Dane’s memory, cheers.

Most importantly, Thanks to Dane’s mother Jenni sister Kristen and brother Ryan for allowing us to run this jam. It’s a great honor to be able to do so.

Rest in peace mate.


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We’ve never been so happy to see a bunch of words & pictures of BMX parts on a screen.. the site back in business & just in time for Christmas! Thanks for holding out fans & customers, you kick ass!

PS. The new site is still on it’s way.. it’s been a rough 16 days (but who’s counting?)

Here’s a bonus D.A.N.E. jam shot of Tyson while you’re at it, shot by Kurt Teague!

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Our online shop is busted…

The shop, November 18, 2014

Man – who would’ve thought we’d be in an age when one website goes down it throws your whole world into disarray, but we are. Our online store has been down due to a server issue for a little over a week & we apologize heavily to those who are looking to get their hands on all the latest in BMX bikes & parts.

But all is not lost! We are still a physical shop with all the kickass stuff available. You can still call (AUS) 02 62885186 to speak to a real BMXer to place a phone order. Or you can e-mail to talk to us.

Until then, make sure you’re following our social media accounts for all the latest product updates:

Facebook @BackBoneBMX

IG: @backbonebmx

Lastly, most of our bikes are available to view on our backbonebmx.bikeit site via Bike Exchange.

And be sure you check out the video we made explaining how easy it is to build a bike from a box that is shipped from us.

Thanks for holding out.

- The crew @ Back Bone BMX

The shop, almost 10 years ago

The shop, winter 2009

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