ACT Jam 2015 Part Two: Video

The video of the pandemonium! Troy Harradine did a really great job on this and we’re psyched on the way it captures the riding of the weekend! Thanks again to the sponsors who helped make it happen, special shout out to Sweet Bones Bakery who Troy couldn’t get a logo of in time.

ACT Jam 2015 results:

Best rider U15: Finn Tregurtha
Best rider 16+: Michael Puniard
Best Trick 16+: Chris Courtenay (Luc-E to Tooth on the wall)

Weston Creek
Best rider U15: Matthew Bassingthwaighte
Best rider 16+: Jacmann Hins
Best Trick 16+: Jake Wallwork (flair double whip)

Best rider U15: Harmon Marshall
Best rider 16+: Chris Whyte
Best Trick 16+: Chris James

Westside Acton Park
Best rider U15: Michael Heslin
Best rider 16+: Dean Anderson
Best Trick 16+: Michael Puniard (barspin fufanu on the container)

King of the ACT
U15: Matthew Bassingthwaighte
16+: Split between Chris James & Michael Puniard

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ACT Jam 2015: Part One

Jacmann Hins, oppo downwhip to bar sequence, Weston Creek. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Sometimes I feel like the ACT Jam (pronounced act jam, not aye see tea jam) is so overwhelming and so much work, that after it happens, I tend to forget that maybe other people want to read about it or see what went down. It’s not that we don’t want to show other people, it’s just that it was so fun that we have just been living in the memory.

With the age of social media and being able to access information at the swipe of a thumb, it’s kind of refreshing to have the ACT Jam live as ‘just’ a memory in peoples minds who made the journey. Almost like that one party that you missed, all you get is your friends talking about how good it was. No matter how many times you hear about what happened, you just never went to the party.

Luckily though, the party that is ACT Jam happens every year for as long as we can help it and it’s in part to the sponsors that hook us up with dollars and products to give to riders who shred. They are listed below, take time to remember that these guys support Australian BMX and that is an important thing. So if you missed it, you’ve got 2016 to look forward to.

Thanks to Crispy Stream for prompting this post with their awesome feature on the ACT Jam; it is well overdue!

Lucas Comino the OG Drainkid hooked us up with some great photos that represent a small portion of the ACT Jam for 2015, remember to get mark ACT Jam 2016 in your calendar, next year it’s back to Anzac long weekend (23-25 April) & will be bigger than ever!

- Tyson


Primary Threads
United Bike Co.
Division Brand
S&M Bikes
The Shadow Conspiracy
Total BMX
Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe
Colony BMX
Mankind BMX
Premium BMX
Hammer Down Co.
Academy BMX
Subrosa Brand
Sunday Bikes
Vocal BMX

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Raine Turnbull / Nick Gascoine Photo Exhibition

Photo: Raine Turnbull

Two hotshots of the photography world happen to live in Canberra & happen to be kickass BMX dudes. Raine Turnbull is having a photography exhibition tomorrow night with a guest appearance from Nick Gascoine. In Raine’s words ‘An exploration of texture and light associated with the harsh environments of trail lifestyle.’ Make sure you get to it. What a way to warm up for the weekend that is ACT Jam 2015 & the Back Bone video premiere!

Opening night: Wednesday 3rd June 2015, 7pm onwards
Honkytonks Bar
17 Garema Pl, Canberra ACT

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Will Gunn S&M Bike Check

Will Gunn is a lifetime repper of Back Bone & we are proud & honoured to have him a part of the Back Bone family! Will got picked up on S&M & there is no one better suited. Will is a badass & has stamped his name on so many spots across Australia, stuff of legends.

You’ll see Will tearing it up next month for ACT Jam 2015, but for now, check out his raw S&M Credence MOD with all the best from the Shield above.

Huge 360 is an understatement – Will’s ad in 2020 Magazine V43.

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Back Bone Birthdays

Yep, it’s been a big week of birthdays here at the store; we had Brendan’s on Sunday & Rhysty’s was today. Hit em up with a high five if you see them!

Rhysty heading down the middle earth. Photo: Brendan Boeck

A rained out move from a while back for B-Dog Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

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