ACT Jam 2015

Yep, it’s about time we let you all know.. The ACT Jam will officially be run on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend this year. Why not ANZAC weekend like normal you ask? Well, it turns out that this year ANZAC day (April 25th) falls on a Saturday & the government have decided that it isn’t worth having the Monday off in lieu of ANZAC day being on Saturday. Since the ACT jam has become one of the biggest BMX events of the year, it’s a multiple park/day event & riders travel from all over the country & world to participate, there definitely isn’t enough time to run it on a normal weekend. So we’re moving it 6 weeks into June 6/7/8.

Expect a full update of what parks & when soon, but for now just realize that this year’s ACT Jam is going to be off the hook.

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Fit Level 1s on sale

Man, can you believe the deal we got for you! With the strength of the aussie dollar falling harder than this guy, prices of everything is unfortunately set to rise. But, not these FIT Level One completes! We are lucky enough to be able to offer you the level one FIT completes at a steal of a price, $549. We only have very limited numbers, so if you’re looking for a new ride, these bikes could be for you!

With the sale on until the end of the month, it also means that you’ll be entered into the draw to win our $1000 shopping spree! So get on.. Chris Harti reckons he’d run a level one Fit if he only had $549 to spend on a bike.

FIT team dude Chris Harti. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

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Raine is back on

Stylin’. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

After two knee surgeries & a whole lot of time off healing up, Raine Turnbull is back on his bike, with his first session up at the trails. And even though it’s been a couple of years since his last session at the trails, he spent his time healing up by digging his spot, looking at lips & landings. All that time up at his trails paid off, Raine didn’t even look like he missed a beat. Full blown shredding, first ride back. Hell yeah!

Raine, wrapped up. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

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Mountains of Deah

Matty Aquizap. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

There’s nothing like tearing around the place with some old friends you don’t see often enough & sharing some laps with some new friends. A day full of trails, heckling & full-throttle stokage. Hell yeah, thanks to the crew up north for the good memories that kept us awake on the drive home.

Click the photos for a bigger view.

Deathsalt Carter. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Shreddie. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Sam Soulride. Photo: Rhysty

Rusty. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Clint Reynolds. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

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Jacky boy getting it for Odyssey

Jack Gruber, he just keeps going & going. In between filming for the video, he’s also tearing through the streets with Troy Harradine filming his welcome to Odyssey web edit.

The dude kills it & just makes riding look fun as heck! Nice one Jacky boy!

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