Harti is heading Overseas

Launched & whipped over lawn dart. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Chris Harti is just about to jet off to Europe & more specifically Hungary, then across to the US of A, for three & a half months of trails, BMX & R&R. So watch yourselves Hungarians & USA crew! But leading up to his holiday Harti has been a busy man, smacking out new sets at his & Raine Turnbull’s trail spot & the two of them filming for his FITBIKECO. web video, as well as continuing to stack clips for his Back Bone section. This means a lot of Raine chasing him down the line with his camera!

Hope you enjoy your trip Harti, give em hell!

Chris & Rhysty at the top of the hill. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Raine, glidecam ready! Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

The Commo, some Zeppelin out of the speakers & Harti ripping a 3 lookback. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

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The passing of a great man and a new design

When I shook his hand for the first time, Well it was actually more of a clutching high 5 followed by a bear hug from an equally bear sized man I knew we were mates as in “brothers” It might have been the fact that I had been employing his son Tyson for the past little while and he was appreciative that i had been helping his son in that way, I am not really sure but what I do know is that Bunny Peni was gonna be a life long mate, someone that I will never forget.

Bunny was one of those people who you just couldn’t help but like he had an enormous smile and a laugh that echoed with a real warmth that I am finding less common when meeting people these days, You could tell this man had some good times in his life even before he started telling you about some of his wilder experiences he had when he was younger, this man was a big kid at heart.

Sadly Bunny passed away earlier this year after a long tiring battle with a heart condition, It has taken a little while for me to write something about this passing of such a lovely person, but it is some words I had been wanting to write for awhile.
Bunny was one of Back Bones biggest fans, He loved his 2XL Back Bone shirts that his son had designed and wore them proudly nearly everyday. I guess it all just really come’s back to his love for his son Tyson and him wanting to support/represent his talents, a talent i didn’t know he had passed on.

It wasn’t until after Bunny had passed that I found out he was he was an extremely talented drawer, something I thought had been only reserved to his two sons Tyson and Zach. Whilst the family was painstakingly tidying up Bunnys home, they came across a drawing that Bunny had been working on, Tyson was pretty blown away to find the drawing, he soon started work on finishing the sketch, This design recently became the collaboration between a father and son that has become known to us as the “To the End” shirt.

I feel so privileged to have known such a wonderful person and honoured for him to have helped design one of our most kick ass shirts ever, With that shirt it is a comforting and an easy way for me to remember that he will always have our backs.

Bunny will forever be in our hearts and thoughts .

Rest in peace mate.



Tyson & Bunny Peni, Melbourne 2009

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Product spotlight: Vans Chukka Midtop

Since we are indeed a BMX only, rider-owned & run store, so we’re offering up some extra thoughts & knowledge about what we & our team run with a Product Spotlight. First up, the humble set of Vans.

That Ultracush..photo: Brendan Boeck

The Chukka Low has been a favourite for a while within the BMX community, Vans stepped it up to the Chukka Midtop recently & dudes like Will Gunn & Tyson Jones-Peni run them on their feet. Here’s what Tyson has to say about them:
‘The Chukka Midtop in black/black is dialed.. I like that the front is all one piece of material which keeps it stronger, they are reasonably slim so your feet don’t look like balloons but there is a generous amount of padding over your ankle. I have a serious ankle bite scar that if I knock on the crank arm, opens up, so the ankle padding is good to keep that safe. The footbed is that Ultracush which is good if you bail or put your feet down hard. Plus they are all black so they keep themselves looking better for longer when you’re at the trails!’

So if you like what you hear & you’re chasing a solid pair of kicks, check out the Vans Chukka Midtop in Black/Black now.

Dropping the Chukka off for a sec, Woden bowl. Photo: Brendan Boeck

Photo: Brendan Boeck

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Mikey Ross’ USA trip

Mikey Ross took a 20 day riding holiday across to the US of A & hit up some spots in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, one of those being some crazy box jump rhythm park that Daniel Dhers owns. Aside from the all the riding that went down at the usual skatepark/trail spots, Mikey got the chance to do a show on the Jersey shore board walk. Definitely sick.

Check out some killer photos Mikey sent through below!

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Jack Gruber | Troy Harradine

The boys! Royal Rat Jack Gruber & our mate Troy Harradine just put out this sick web video in which they pull off a whole bunch of wild moves all over Canberra, with some appearances from Bailey Harradine, Josh Eppelstun, Cohen Thurecht, Jeff Bahr, Michael Heslin & Brendan Boeck AKA B-Dog.
So pumped on this, the boys reckon they over hyped it but I reckon it’s deserved! Definitely makes our day seeing the locals shred it. Make sure you press play!

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