Tyson & the TRU Frame

Tyson and the TRU frames, available now! Photo: Brendan Boeck

The USA-made United TRU Frame is now finally available! Tyson has been on his prototype for a year and a half now and has put it through it’s paces filming for the Back Bone video and is still going strong. Tyson and the other trail crew at United spent a lot of time figuring out what they wanted in a frame, so it’s sick to have it in store. The ‘trans soil brown’ is an Australian exclusive colourway and is one of the two colours Tyson picked for the TRU, the other being a ‘mystic moss green’.

Tyson shot a web vid for the frame with QLDer video wiz & United team mate Jack Birtles, which we haven’t posted up here until now. Peep your eyes on it below & check the frames out in detail here & here.

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Snakewoods holding it down for BMX

A quote came up on my instagram feed that said ‘You can’t win BMX’. Taj Mihelich said it and it’s pretty true. You can’t win BMX. But you can build BMX – and that’s what I feel that the Snakewoods crew have been doing. Dale, Tyler, Jacko, and Falk have been holding it down in the bush building trails for their own enjoyment, then opened them up to have a jam for the wider Australian BMX community to join in on. Unfortunately a few of us missed out on the opportunity to go, but the resulting ‘Last Call’ jam looked like a hell of a time and the video below gave us a serious case of FOMO.

Good work on a jam that might inspire more to pick up a shovel, or have jams of their own at the skatepark, you boys have shown that BMX doesn’t need to won, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it together. This sort of jam brings BMXers together, sewing the scene stronger & making BMX win in the end. Hell yeah dudes!

Video by James Fox, who nailed it!

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Ask Rhysty Wednesday x 2

Rhysty has been working through answering questions that our customers and friends have, that might not be answered or put out there in the BMX industry. The one above runs through a spectrum of questions ranging from serious to not-so-serious & the video below is a more practical one. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying them. If you’ve got a question then hit us up on Facebook or instagram, or by leaving a comment on the videos.

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The Back Bone video Extras

We got the chance to work with DIG BMX on putting up a ‘teaser’ of sorts for our video. It’s been a few months since the Back Bone video has come out and filming for 3+ years means that we’ve certainly got a bunch of leftover footage! This Extras video is filled with unseen clips, extra angles and all-round awesomeness from the dudes. If you haven’t got a copy of the video yet, get on it!

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Ask Rhysty Wednesday Ep 3

This week Rhysty went in depth with a question that Five Dock shredder Trent Rowsell asked about segregation in BMX. Take some time to watch the vid and if you have a question you’d like answered, then head to our Facebook page and leave a question on the video post, or comment on the YouTube video. We’re pretty excited to be able to answer questions for you all.

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