Zac Miner and Colony part ways

After a 7 year stint, Zac Miner has decided to step down from the Colony team. It’s been awesome to watch the journey Zac has gone on with Colony, from trips all over the world, to having the last part in their team video, to the gnarly photos and ads he has shot with them on a regular basis. Just because Zac is stepping down from Colony as a ‘pro’ rider definitely doesn’t mean that he is slowing down and this farewell Colony video (& his amazing part in the Back Bone video!) is proof of that.

Make sure you watch this one, Zac drops moves all over the place.

Thanks for being a badass dude Zac! Zac is still part of the Back Bone team and will be for as long as he likes, haha.

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Ask Rhysty Wednesday ep 2

Rhysty got to answering the first round of questions that came through and they run through the spectrum of lifetime warranties, how profitable the BMX industry is, Josh Irvine and the internet ruining BMX. Take some time to watch the vid and if you have a question you’d like answered, then head to our Facebook page and leave a question on the video post, or comment on the YouTube video. We’re pretty excited to be able to answer questions for you all.

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A full day with Tyson Jones-Peni

Tyson went and self-filmed a whole day, everything from heading to the markets in the morning, to work, to trails and everything else in between. Press play to see what happens on a Saturday with Tyson Jones-Peni!

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Here’s your chance to learn about the BMX Industry

We get a lot of interesting questions that sometimes we wish everyone could hear the answer to, as they could be helpful or insightful. So Rhys is going to do his best every Wednesday to answer them. We’re pretty excited to be able to bring this feature to you, so please, ask your question on the youtube video comments section, or on the corresponding Facebook and Instagram posts.

Looking forward to answering them!

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Tuggers Jam 15th August

We’re going to continue to hold jams as often as possible, to remember what it is to have a jam.. riding and having a good time with your mates. Last month it was at Erindale, this weekend we’re holding it at the epic Tuggeranong skatepark. Spread the word and we’ll see you there!

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